Mission Independent Baptist Church

Upcoming Events

A group from True Light Baptist church Lizton, Indiana will be coming up in June 2021 to give out gospel literature, knock on doors and do a little touring Rodgers Baptist Church youth will make an evangelistic trip up in July for several days of evangelism in stores and businesses in Korea town, India Town and Chinatown. They will do some sightseeing and have a wonderful time.

Update News

We have printing risographs to print tracts and booklets and other gospel materials to give out to people. We Translate, design, typeset and print even in multiple colors. We are a hands on ministry to serve God.

Prayer Needs

We are SEEKING a building to BUY we have presently $25,000.00 saved. If you know of a building we can use for our church please call us. Boundries are the Lake on the east, City limits on the north, Montrose 400N on the south and Pulaski 4000W on the West. Any help would be appreciated.

We desire to buy a 3 flat building. 1st Floor a storefront to have church and 2nd and 3rd floors would be Nursery, Sunday School Classes, Print Shop and Bible Institute. We have $25,000.00 given and saved so far. Buildings are running around $350,000.00 to $500,000.00. Continue to pray for us and you are also welcome to give to the building fund if you desire. All proceeds will go directly into a savings account strictly for the building fund. Our sending church also has an account set up and you are welcome to send a offering to either us or them.

All gifts are tax deductible so you receive double benefits.

Edward Fort, Missionary/Pastor