Mission Independent Baptist Church

KJV 1611

Parades and Festivals

  There are many parades and festivals held each year in Chicago. You can pass out tracts and witness to the world here in Chicago.

Chinese New Year Parade, Bangladesh Parade, Sikh Parade, Irish Parade, Greek Parade, Assyrian Parade, Polish Parade, Cinco De Mayo Parade, Puerto Rican Parade, Indian Parade, Pakistani Parade, Italian parade, Central American parade, Colombian Parade, Greek Fest, Ukrainian Fest, Chinese Fest, Sudanese Fest, Ghana Fest, Hmong Fest, German Fest, Polish Fest and so many others. Literature can be given out in Chinese, Vietnamese, Twi, Fante, Gun, Esako, Fante, Dinka, Nuer, Anuak, Arabic, Spanish, Polish, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hmong, Lao, Thai, Cambodian, Greek, Assyrian, Farsi, Italian, Gaelic, German and so many more languages. God gives world class opportunities to those who are up to the challenge.  

Chicago Mission Trips

  For a number of years we have hosted groups from churches. Men's groups, Mixed groups, Youth Groups, College Groups and we have gone out and ministered on the streets of Chicago. We have developed a system of getting literature into the hands of many people groups. The largest number of languages distributed in any given week was 72 languages with several people met that we did not have gospel literature in their languages. That in itself is front line missions experience. Exciting, Challenging and Invigorating.

   We have strict dress codes to follow and we are fairly busy in the week with the minstry. If you want a real missions trip to the world then consider Chicago. You must provide for your own housing so that makes it about $25 a night per person with 4 per motel room. Eating is about $10 a meal ( Of course, You can kind of rough it and get the meals cheaper), You can take in exoitic foods like Ethiopian, Georgian, Persian, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Nigerian at speciality restaurants that you might not have back home. We won't kill you but can keep you busy and give you sightseeing time in the city. We do ask that you help with our meals and gas expense in our van as it is an additional financial burden upon us when you come. The ministry aspect we don't charge because we love it and do it as unto the Lord.  Call for more details.  Edward Fort  773-267-9132

At Home Helps Ministry

   We are always needing people to key in materials in many different languages. We can fairly easily help you learn to key in materials in many world languages right at your church or home on your own computer. This would help us get the materials on electronic media and we would be able to use it so much more readily.

   Also we need people to format and typeset materials we have stored on electronic media. This can also be taught easily if your church would be interested in partnering with us in that type of ministry.

   We also need many tracts, songbooks, NT's and bibles printed in many languages. These things are the heartbeat of our ministry. A church would would take the time to print quality tracts in two colors or more and carefully cut and fold them ... WE would welcome to partner with us in this very needy printing ministry.

   There are many things available on the web today that need downloading and storing on CD's and DVD's for us to access in our ministry here. Those things could be done at your church or home at your leisure and be a serious help to us here in REACHING the Nations of Chicago.

Other things are needed. Call us concerning the helps your church might like to partner with us in reaching the Nations of Chicago. Bro Fort 773-267-9132