Mission Independent Baptist Church

KJV 1611

Passionately Pursuing GOD Together... Phil 3:10


   We now have a new Location for our church Mission Independent Baptist Church 3239 W. Bryn Mawr Ave Chicago, IL 60659 312-993-9555 Sundays 10AM & 2.30PM and Fridays 7 PM mibcchicago@gmail.com missionary/pastor Edward Fort (recently passed away)

""" Note of importance: We are Baptist and Fundamental in our doctrine, not Liberal and progressive. EF :-)

You will find Mission Independent Baptist Church is a Bible-centered ministry in a warm and caring fellowship of believers. In an increasingly complicated world it is our goal to make the truths of Scripture simple and apply to everyday living.

We believe the Bible is sufficient to meet the need of every human heart and life. We believe that God designed the local church to be a place of teaching, discipling , equipping and encouragement of the saints of God. Everyone in the Family of God should be members of the local New Testament Baptist Church. 

At MIBC we have a passion for God and His Word. We believe the greatest pleasure is coming to know Jesus Christ and growing in His grace.

If there is some way we can help or if you have any questions about the ministries of our church please visit one of our services or contact us via email or call us or schedule a pastor visit your home. Thanks again for visiting our website.

Edward Fort Missionary/Pastor

Contact Info:

Mission Independent Baptist Church

  3239 W. Bryn Mawr Ave (5600N&3200W) --storefront

Chicago, Illinois 60659    Friday Nights at 7 PM / Sunday Mornings 10 AM & afternoon 2:30 PM

Missionary/Pastor Edward Fort  mibcchicago@gmail.com  (312) 993-9555

*Exclusively Baptist






*Soul-Winning - God does the winning, We do the witnessing. No high pressure Madison Ave Sales Techniques



We welcome people from all Creeds, Colors, Religions, Languages and People Groups to come to church. English Speaking and NON-English Speaking. We have Bibles, Portions, Tracts and Tapes in many World Languages to help reach the many peoples of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

   Our church may not be for you but we will graciously direct you to another church if we can so you can find service for the Lord and fellowship with the saved. We fight sin and satan and try to love the brethren even if we sometimes strongly disagree on a FEW issues.(( We can disagree without being disagreeable )). We stand unapologetically for the King James Bible and holiness. We are fighters for the Truth.--We don't do it with sticks, bottles, swords and guns-- We fight with God's Holy Word the King James Bible.--We attack with the Authority of God's word showing others what God's word says.--GOD SAYS IT AND THAT SETTLES IT WHETHER WE BELIEVE IT OR NOT. We do not force others to believe as we do but give them the opportunity to see what the scriptures say and then make their own decisions based on God's word the Bible. Our desire is to see every blood washed child of God get into his or her bible and allow God to direct them to total dedication and service for Him. It's all about Jesus not us. SO if it is service in our church we rejoice and if it is service in a sister church then so be it. Glory to God!